Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Blog

I'm sitting here watching CNN and I just watched President Obama talk about why we should pass the Stimulus bill. I myself do not know enough about how to jump-start this economy, but I really hope and pray that Washington is doing what they should. I cannot criticize anything really all I can do is hope. BUT the BILLIONS of dollars that we apparently need just boggles my mind that's an INSANE amount of money. I just hope it works and creates jobs, but I have to ask is who will get these jobs? Will it be a fair job market?? If you have a college degree and you wanna get a job that would build a road would you be considered?? I ask those questions because lets face it people of ALL walks of life and income levels are seriously financially stressed right now. I hope that these jobs are offered to everyone because EVERYONE needs to prosper from all of these jobs created. Finally, once again I thank God that I have a job offer in April. I'm extremely lucky