Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Blog

I'm sitting here watching CNN and I just watched President Obama talk about why we should pass the Stimulus bill. I myself do not know enough about how to jump-start this economy, but I really hope and pray that Washington is doing what they should. I cannot criticize anything really all I can do is hope. BUT the BILLIONS of dollars that we apparently need just boggles my mind that's an INSANE amount of money. I just hope it works and creates jobs, but I have to ask is who will get these jobs? Will it be a fair job market?? If you have a college degree and you wanna get a job that would build a road would you be considered?? I ask those questions because lets face it people of ALL walks of life and income levels are seriously financially stressed right now. I hope that these jobs are offered to everyone because EVERYONE needs to prosper from all of these jobs created. Finally, once again I thank God that I have a job offer in April. I'm extremely lucky

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  1. This stimulus discussion has brought a lot of attention to my field of work. When we here about the near trillion dollar package it is spoken of as an infrastructure package.

    For transportation funding, roads and bridges Michigan will only get between 800 and 875 Million dollars. While that sounds like a lot, its a drop in the bucket compared to the needs. It amounts to about a 75% increase in transportation funding for two years but doesn't address the historically unfunded, ailing and aging transportation infrastructure and system of the country. Its a short term bandaid, but it won't do much to fix the transportation system and the jobs will mostly be constructed and in Michigan just replacing those that have already left the state to find work.