Sunday, August 23, 2009

The day it all hit me......

Most of you know now but a few weeks ago I made one of my biggest decisions in probably the last 5 years of my life.......I decided to leave the company that I was working at for the past 4 years. I know I know a stupid thing to do in this economy right?? WRONG!! I simply cannot tell you since Ive been home how INCREDIBLY happy I am. Sure the job was a pretty good job salary wise and stuff but the bottom line was that I was NOT happy doing what I was doing anymore,. How did this decision come about?? Well most of my good friends know that I was starting not to like it anymore, the last time I was home on vacation I was pretty much dreading heading back. I knew that I needed to make a change because in the past I would get excited to get back to Alaska and be with my shipmates and stuff but it was not the case this summer at all. Once I got back to work after my last vacation, I was in the dining room setting up and it hit me like a semi for whatever reason I DONT want to do this anymore. After that all hit me a few days later I really thought about why I felt so strongly about not wanting to do the cruise thing, to make sure that I had a reason to feel that way. After lots of thought and a very long pro's and con's list I came to the conclusion that I just simply want to pursue other things and see what is out there, also I just want to live a normal "Land" life. Ive realized that being able to sleep in my own bed every night is something that I want also just being able to see the family and friends whenever not every couple of months. Sure those things might seem small and I don't expect you to understand those small wants fully at all you have to do what I did for 4 years to understand it all. The bottom line is this......MONEY DOES NOT BUY HAPPINESS I learned that lesson very well this summer and will never forget it. Where I'm working now Ive taken a very large pay cut......But like Ive said I'm so happy its unreal!!!! Don't get me wrong working where I was at was an AMAZING experience and I wouldn't change it for a bit: I grew tons as a person and that's simply priceless. I also grew an amazing amount professionally, met incredible friends that I hope to have for life and wouldn't change anything during the past 4 years of my life. I just wanted to be home and be able to be around the people I want all the time and want that normal 9-5 life and have the option to have a dog that kinda stuff!! For some reason I feel the need to explain every little detail about this decision to people but I know I don't have too all people really need to know is; that's my decision. But I want everyone to know that I'm way way more happier now :) Have a good one!!

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