Monday, September 28, 2009

That Magical time of year is ALMOST upon us

What time of year is that?? Well, hunting season but more specifically BOW-SEASON! I cannot tell you how much I love fall for Bow-Hunting, its simply so great to be in the woods. My step-dad introduced me to the sport and let me tell you my passion for hunting Whitetails especially with a bow for some reason gets greater and greater each year that passes by, I hunt with a shotgun also but how. For example, when I started I when my alarm went off Id shut it off and go back to be simply because I just wasn't that into hunting. Now, I love to get up early and hit the timber so to speak and pay attention to things such as; wind direction, barometric pressure, and even things such as the moon phase. Ive learned that all of these things seriously affect your hunting. For the next few months well until Jan 1st the bulk of my blogging will be about my experiences in the woods. Before I continue any further I have to say this, if you think for a second I hunt just too shoot something YOU COULDN'T BE ANY MORE WRONG, also I believe in fair and ethical hunting. Thursday marks the opening day of Bow-Season and I couldn't be more excited to be able to start "Hitting the Timber" once again. Im going to be talking lots about my hunting in the few weeks. Im so incredibly blessed to have access to 3 family owned properties. I have made little nicknames for each of them. They are: The Faithful 10, The Woodlot, and The Farm. I will describe them a little bit.

The Faithful 10 is a pretty nice 10 acre parcel, what is nice about this parcel is that its actually the location of my parents house. What I think is interesting about this parcel is sure its my parents house and they have their lawn and stuff, but the back 6 acres has all been pretty much growing wild its gotten to be pretty thick. Also there is a small pond on the back corner. That is interesting because when the pond was dug the spoils were all stacked up on one side so there is a little mound and that mound divides the back portion of the property into 2 unique sections. When hunting at this location I have the option of hunting out of a covered tower blind or sitting on the ground by the pond its pretty neat. I call this location The Faithful 10 is because every year there is always at least one serious scrape and numerous tree rubs, buck sign is definitely always awesome but this location you always see tons of does and if there is does in the area you know there are some bucks running around also. This is my favorite hunting spot because this is where I learned to hunt and Ive hunted many many hours.

The Woodlot
is simply a thick thick 12 acre stand of timber. It's so thick that when its early bow-season and your walking around on the property you have to pay great attention to where you are going because you are going to get lost its that thick. Ive hunted this parcel a little bit and like it alot and have seen some deer. There is some serious potential in this woodlot, I just need to hunt it more. Its located in one of the best county's for big deer in southern Michigan.

The Farm is my stepdad's and his brothers property. I really like hunting here because I usually hunt here with my stepdad and my uncle and cousins are normally out there also, its just so great to be able to spend time with some members of my family in this fashion. This property is almost 60 acres. Its not really a farm but it has a 12 acre field that we have planted with a crop each year so its pretty neat in that respect I think. I call it the farm because well its a decently large piece of property and it has a big pole-barn. Ive hunted a few gun season openers at this property and have seen some very large deer here. What I really like about this parcel is that it feels and hunts much larger than 60 acres because of how its laid out its not just one big rectangle. One really cool thing about this property is that from the entrance to the back of the property which borders a creek its almost a half-mile back its pretty unique. I will be spending some time here this fall you can bet on it.

So there is a little preview of what I plan doing with my blog for the next few months and properties I hunt and all that jazz. Be ready for a new post soon, Thursday is the opener and I plan on hunting The Woodlot the forecast calls for some crisp cool conditions and with it being the opener deer will be moving. Take care

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